Carnival 12 Aquadynamic

The Carnival Aquadynamic is a high power version of the Carnival Classic, and includes 4 pumps and 3 River jets. Not only does this provide considerable counter swim performance it is ideal for resistance aqua aerobics.

The Carnival Classic XP is supplied with exercise kit and is fitted with the Pro-Swim, this incredible swimming and coaching aid has several unique features to aid all swimming abilities from the learner swimmer to the serious aquatic athlete.

When it’s party time simply turn up the temperature and invite your family or friends over as there is seating for up to 11.

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The Carnival Aquadynamic is the most powerful in the Carnival range it has enough power for a swimmer to have a serious workout.

The Aquadynamic comes with LED perimeter and underwater lights, exercise equipment for the ultimate workout and multiple performance power settings. 3 adjustable River jets and 4 high performance jet pumps provide a wide and intense water flow that will challenge the strongest swimmer and allows for additional exercise regimens like jogging or upper body resistance workouts.

With seating for up to 11 it’s the ideal high performance swim trainer and party spa.

The Carnival includes the Catalina Pro-Swim as standard, its benefits include;

  • For the learner or less confident swimmer – The Catalina Pro-Swim allows the swimmer to maintain a high body position while working against resistance at maximum effort. The Pro-Swim forces efficiency while increasing strength and confidence.
  • For the confident swimmer – The Catalina Pro-swim is ideal for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. For breaststroke the Pro – Swim helps adjust and correct pull and kick separately as well as the entire stroke. Again, ideal for backstroke because of the steady head position.
  • For the endurance swimmer, professional or swimming trainer – It allows swimming for sustained long time periods without the need to keep turning! It is perfect to work on stroke correction, such as still head position and shoulder roll. It is also ideal as it enables a coach to make stroke corrections while the swimmer is stationary. Speed change is easy to moderate, concentrating on finishing strokes and stretching out on hand entry.

Options include;

  • Cascade Waterfalls
  • Heated Blower
  • 8 Underwater Lights
  • Pro Swim
  • Bluetooth™ Stereo
  • Wi-Fi
  • Auxiliary heating

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Dimensions L x W x D (mm) 3835 x 2280 x 1070
Seats 11
Pumps 1 x 2.5hp + 3 x 3hp
Circulation Pump 1 x 0.25hp
River Jets 3 Stainless Adjustable
Hydrotherapy Jets 28
Water Heating 3kW
Water Purification Ozone + UV
Power requirement 48Amp
Control Systems Dual Balboa Digital
Water Features 6 LED Crystal Water Feature
Lighting LED Control Valves
LED Underwater Light
Filtration 100 sqft
Insulation Spray applied to shell and thermo reflect to cabinet
Pro Swim Swimming Aid Yes
Exercise and Rowing Kit Yes
Aqua Aerobic Exercise Rail 1 Stainless Steel
Tile Features Tiled Waterline and Swimlane
Volume ltrs (approx) 5800 Litres
Dry Weight kg (approx) 1280kg
Warranty (terms apply) 10 Years Shell, 10 Years Equipment
Design Style Single Temperature Swimspa