As a parent, we panic about our children all the time. Well let’s talk about keeping them safe when they’re around hot tubs.

A hot tub provides the family with a fantastic opportunity to unwind and relax or have some fun. Although, if you are a parent then there are certain procedures that you should be taking, to ensure they remain safe and secure when in a hot tub or even playing near one.

The clearest and most obvious hazard is a child who should be being supervised, could accidently fall into the hot tub. For this purpose, it is essential to always watch the kids when the hot tub is being used. However, children who like to play out and are near unused hot tubs are also potentially at risk. You should make sure that your hot tub cover has a childproof lock to stop unsupervised children from entering the hot tub. Hot tub covers must be sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of a child standing or sitting on them, as you know, kids love exploring and adventuring!

Make sure you limit how long they spend in hot tubs. Children’s skin is a lot thinner than adults; therefore, they are less able to put up with high water temperatures. Continuous use of a hot tub by children can lead to dehydration’. You need to explain to children that they should steer clear of the hot tub drainage systems. Sometimes, overwhelming suction action of the drains can potentially trap children, specifically if they let their long hair dangle too close to them! Kids using hot tubs should be highly discouraged from putting their heads below the water surface to make sure that their hair doesn’t get too close to the drains.

Children could get the temptation to bring electrical products, such as phones; over to the hot tub to listen to music while they unwind. However, electricity and water is a dangerous combination, as I’m sure you already know. Tell children that they must never ever use electrical appliances in the same area as the hot tub. By supervising your children in the appropriate manner and explaining the potential hazards, you can ensure that your kids will safely enjoy your hot tub.

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