Cloudy Hot Tub Water


Ok…so what’s it caused by?


When your hot tub has a strange cloudy substance in it, it can only be viewed as the point where the water seems to have very small particles that are floating in and around in it, however these particles are not very large so they can’t really be touched individually and seem like they could just be air particles. There is no sole cause of this problem and you will see this to be recurring in the other types of water issues. The problem may have been caused by trapped insoluble particles, dead algae, organic debris, dirty filters, heavy usage or poor chemistry in the water; however it is fairly difficult to diagnose the actual problem because there are quite a couple of reasons.


How can I fix this?


  • See if the filter is the problem. So, this will be your first port of call with any of your water quality problems, definitely if clarity is the issue here. If small, minor particles are unable to be picked up by the filters then it is very, very difficult to solve the problem, making the situation more tedious. Get your filters and rinse them thoroughly or soak them overnight in a filter cleaner.
  • Are your water levels balanced? Your second point of call is the water balance. Check that the PH levels are correct and change them if you need to. Ensure that the sanitizer is at the correct level, make sure it’s not too high or not too low (a common clarity problem can be caused by high sanitizer levels).
  • Give your hot tub a shock! If you try using a non-chlorine shock, it’s possible to clear the water a lot faster! Working in conjunction with your clean filter (I sure hope it’s clean!), the shock should do its part by clearing the particles and in the majority of cases, completely fix the issue.
  • If you lose all hope, you can drain the hot tub. If you eventually come to a decision that you have lost the war then just simply drain the hot tub and refill it the next time you use it. Sometimes this is the best choice to go with, especially after some heavy usage like when you have a hot tub party!

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