Is the pump in your hot tub emitting a strange humming sound?


This problem has appeared now and again and it’s about time we told you guys about it. There are 2 issues to address here and the first issue is if the hot tub pump is humming and sounds like its working perfectly but without any water coming out of the jets (strange isn’t it?). The other problem is when the pump is making the same humming sound but it gets increasingly louder and louder….and louder! So you don’t want the neighbours complaining now do you?

The first problem, where the pump is heard but the jets aren’t producing any water at all (it’s tragic), is caused by a problem with the airlock in the base of the hot tub. This occurs when you have refilled or drained the hot tub and during this process, little pockets of air can emerge in the piping! These pockets of air then continue to prevent the pump from pumping out the water and can cause it to eventually burn out. One way of clearing the air out is to switch the pump on and off repeatedly, this, at a slow pace, pushes the air out through the water jets, whilst this method can be effective at times, it has the possibility to harm the motor, so we recommend not continuously doing this if it didn’t work the first few times. The second method to clear the air pockets is to release air, either on a pump air release valve or by simply just unscrewing the pump union until all the air is out and water starts to come out. By using these methods will clear airlocks and you will see air bubbles coming out of the water jets as it is pushed out (we’re here to help you guys!).

The second nuisance is when there is an increasing pump humming noise over time which is less easy to diagnose and resolve, but some common issues have been found. The increasing volume of a hot tub pump usually develops over time, as the hot tub has settled in its position; the vibration of the pump motor gradually moves and loosens certain parts of the hot tub. The best way to diagnose a vibration issue is to remove all panels and listen carefully to the noise source; usually it can be certain screws, bolts or seals, which have slowly loosened over the hot tubs lifetime. The majority of our hot tubs have vibration pads underneath each pump to help reduce this at first, but again, these can become loose to the pump and be causing the base to vibrate. The best way to resolve this issue is to feel for vibration and tighten any screws or bolts, which you can see are moving. This humming noise can sometimes be due to an ineffective spa pump motor which is damaged, so ensure the condition of the pump is in tip-top shape.


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