We decided to research into some of the world’s coolest and extreme hot tubs, and we stumbled across this absolute beauty! The Luxema 8000, which is probably one of the most expensive hot tubs on the planet, but we can see why! It definitely has the “WOW factor” from Malibu Hot Tubs.
The Luxema 8000 was designed and created by Slovenian company SPAmbient and costs $26,000 a pop. We were gobsmacked when we saw the price tag; our jaws are still touching the floor we were that shocked! So, you’re thinking that this hot tub costs more than two cars and there better be good reason why. Well, there is a perfectly good explanation as to why it costs almost $30,000, but we’ll let you justify it.
Let’s start by mentioning to you that this hot tub is larger than most apartments you’ll find in the big cities such as London and New York! It can also cover your entire back garden. It has two tiers, 130 separate jets and 9 water pumps, as well as a bar, a flat screen TV and in-built sound system. But that’s not all. The lower spa has 6 seats with a bar attached to the outside, whereas the upper level has a swimming pool with powerful jets to create the effect of an outdoor swim, which can also be turned off to have a normal pool. If you’ve still got a bob or two left over, you can purchase a matching sauna.

Luxury Hot Tubs

So there you have it. The Luxema 8000, probably the coolest hot tub around! We did come across more equally as cool hot tubs, but we’ll save that for another blog.
If this has made you want to purchase a hot tub for your home, then Malibu Hot Tubs is the place to go. Ok, so we don’t stock the same range as the Luxema 8000 mainly because we’re not sure how big your home is, but we still sell the UK’s most popular hot tubs in Staffordshire. Our designs are second to none.
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Stay tuned with more of the world’s coolest hot tubs!