Malibu Hot Tubs new showroom will certainly be one to remember! We’ve already begun with the new layout and new design, and we still have a lot more to come! We would love to tell you our exciting plans, but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise and everyone at Malibu Hot Tubs is extremely excited about this! This is what our showroom looks now, but it won’t for long…

Malibu Hot Tubs

So what do we have to offer in our new showroom I hear you ask? Well apart from the obvious hot tubs and cool, yet essential accessories, there will be…wait for it…a wet room! OMG! WHAT? Yep! Malibu Hot Tubs will have a wet room, tucked away in our showroom for you to exclusively try out the hot tub before you buy it! That’s amazing right? We just think that you can never really tell what a hot tub actually feels like before you’ve purchased one and there is nothing worse than having it delivered, you being the eager beaver that you are, jump straight into it to only find that in fact, it’s not the one for you. Then what do you do? You wouldn’t buy a car without testing driving it first would you? Well fear not because, you can now try it out and decide there and then! If you don’t fancy getting wet or if you’re not prepared for a hot tub demonstration, then you’re more than welcome to sit in one of them and have a feel. But please take off your shoes and pop any sharp objects that may scratch the surface on the floor.

Head down to our new showroom today and take a look around our hot tubs. We have various ones available and we’re sure that you’ll find one that suits you. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog update on our showroom over the next few weeks! It really will be one to catch your eyes!

Hot Tubs

If you’re not sure where our home is, here is the address: Yarlet Bank, Yarlet nr Stone, Staffordshire, ST18 9SD. You can give us a call too on 01889 508 787 or send us an email to Malibu Hot Tubs is the name to remember and all of our hot tubs are of the highest quality on the market.