Do I need to empty my hot tub after each use?

All of the Malibu Hot Tubs have pre-built in filtration systems so that the water is constantly filtered and by adding chemicals, you will not need to empty your hot tub regularly, similar to how a swimming pool works. However, we do believe it’s viable to empty your hot tub about once every 3 months, as the water can begin to become over-saturated with all sorts of chemicals!


Do I need to turn my hot tub off every time I’m finished with it?

There is a switch to turn your hot tub off but we’re here to tell you that there is no need to do it every single time because that’s just a pain! As the filtration system cycles, keep the water fresh to ensure that the right temperature is always maintained so that you can minimise energy costs but the built-in heating has to be on – unless you want a cold tub?. All of our hot tubs here at Malibu have an ‘Economy’ option so that you can have minimal expenditure costs.

What is the best season to use a hot tub in?

Although it’s more of an opinion based answer, a general consensus within the hot tub department suggests that you can’t beat hot tubbing in the snow, wind or rain. The popularity of hot tubs in places such as Germany, Holland & Scandinavia supports the popularity of bathing in not arctic, but colder climates, can you think of anything better than relaxing in a 35-40 degree hot tub whilst the snow falls around you with a bru in hand? As you can see I much prefer colder climates but it’s an opinion guys and no one can tell you that you’re wrong.


Chlorine is bad! “My eyes are stinging!”

The chlorine itself doesn’t and isn’t supposed to cause any form of irritation. When the PH level is imbalanced (All sciency’ stuff so I’m not going to go all professor on you all) it can contribute towards over-acidic or alkali water causing a nasty ‘sting’ on your eyes.


Another huge contributor regarding stinging eyes is the bacteria from other people, which aren’t being eradicated by chlorine (when it should!); this suggests a low chlorine level and poor sanitisation rather than chlorine itself causing eyes to sting. Swimming pools portray this perfectly, more people get in a swimming pool rather than a hot tub, and so the ‘eye sting’ will be worse in the pool so remember this as it can be important.


We love giving our friendly free tips here at Malibu Hot Tubs, and all our hot tubs are designed with neat little features and gadgets and you don’t need to worry about getting stingy eyes as that will never happen with us unless you share the hot tub with hundreds of other people…do you? Give us bell today on 01889 508787 or come and visit us in our new showroom – visit the contact page for further details people.