The Cold Winds are Rising



It looks like we’re in September already and just over half way through the month! It won’t be long until winter is fully upon us all and honestly, where has 2013 gone? So I’m guessing some of you may be wondering why we’ve chosen to display a ‘Winteresque’ picture. The end of the year is always the hardest part, especially for people who drive to work or take public transport. It’s not the only worry though; if you’re a proud owner of a hot tub then you need to be wary that they can freeze over too. It’s not just the water and the casing, but the inside systems as well.

Firstly, make sure you don’t drain the hot tub as the warm water can prevent cold air from affecting the inside drainage system – and as a plus, you won’t have to refill it since the majority of hot tubs are self-heating/cleaning these days. Ensure that you periodically run the jet pumps so that the water is circulating; this will increase the heat of the water and again, prevent cold air from surpassing the water. But the main thing that you should be doing to prevent your hot tub from freezing from the inside is to always use the cover!

When you’re buying a hot tub, whoever is selling the products should tell you these kinds of things. So don’t worry, because if you choose Malibu Hot Tubs, the warm Malibu weather will always stay within your hot tub – just follow these easy to follow guidelines.

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