Hot Tubs are one of life’s amazing luxuries, and with so many companies and varieties to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re getting the right model to suit you, your family and what you are willing to spend?

Malibu Hot Tubs are one of the longest established hot tub businesses in the UK and we have built up a reputation for manufacturing the best quality, self-cleaning hot tubs in the world – and with such strong opposition from a huge number of companies across the world, that’s no easy job!

Although the self-cleaning technology from Malibu is completely unique, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your hot tub rather than cleaning it constantly, it is by no means the only reason that Malibu as a business has grown so much and gained an iron reputation for quality.

Our commitment to our customers begins the moment they contact or visit us, whether it’s a simple enquiry or a hot tub  order complete with customisable options. At Malibu, our hot tubs surpass hundreds of years (basically they will never stop their job!) and compared to how long we treat our customers as actual customers is equivalent! We firmly believe in looking after our customers once they’ve purchased their hot tub to provide assistance whenever it’s required and to help you get the very best from your hot tub.

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We offer a range of products so that you can continue to enjoy and maintain your hot tub for years to come, at competitive prices too! All of our products are approved for specific use with Malibu Hot Tubs, so you can rest assured that when you buy from us you’re investing in the very best quality products for your hot tub.

For further information, check out our hot tubs page on our website! Or if you need further information give us a call on: 01889 508787. Purchase your hot tub from Malibu today and forget the stresses you have in your life!