Atlantic 21 Aquadynamic

The Atlantic Aquadynamic is 21 feet long (6.35 M) and has 3 different internal depths. The Aquadynamic is the next power model up from the Classic XP and features 3 River Swim Jets and 4 Hi Flo pumps. This makes it an even more powerful alternative to a regular swimming pool with counter current. Several clients have chosen the Atlantic together with a separate spa to meet their ideal wet leisure and exercise requirements.

Also available as an in-ground version.

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The Atlantic pool range are some of the largest one piece fully self-contained pools in the UK. We offer 4 performance options from the standard pool to the powerful Aquadynamic.

The Atlantic range measure overall length of 6.35M and a width of 2.3. It has an overall depth of 1.58M, the pool floor has three internal depth of 1.2, 1.35 and 1.5M each variation in depth is highlighted with mosaics.

Each model is fully self-contained and includes its own filtration and heating all enclosed within the cabinet at the step end of the pool.

The Atlantic Aquadynamic has 4 high performance pumps combined with 3 adjustable river jets making it not just an ideal fun and leisure pool but also one that offers swimming and exercise and is significantly less expensive to install and operate compared to a traditional swimming pool

The Classic Aquadynamic has 100% more power thwn the Classic

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Dimensions L x W x D (mm) 3835 x 2280 x 1070
Seats 11
Pumps 1 x 2.5hp + 2 x 3hp
Circulation Pump 1 x 0.25hp
River Jets 2 Stainless Adjustable
Hydrotherapy Jets 28
Water Heating 3kW
Water Purification Ozone + UV
Power requirement 36Amp
Control Systems Balboa Digital
Water Features 6 LED Crystal Water Feature
Lighting LED Control Valves
LED Underwater Light
Filtration 100 sqft
Insulation Spray applied to shell and thermo reflect to cabinet
Pro Swim Swimming Aid Yes
Aqua Aerobic Exercise Rail 1 Stainless Steel
Tile Features Tiled Waterline and Swimlane
Volume ltrs (approx) 5800 Litres
Dry Weight kg (approx) 1280kg
Warranty (terms apply) 10 Years Shell, 10 Years Equipment
Design Style Single Temperature Swimspa