Jacuzzi® J-345™ Hot Tub – 4 – 5 Seater

Seating Capacity: 6-7 Adults
Lounge: No
Dimensions: 214cm x 214cm x 92cm
Average Spa Volume: 1,401 litres
Dry Weight: 374 kg
Total Filled Weight: 2,114 kg
Total Jets: 39
Pump 1: 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp*
Pump 2: 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp*
Circulation Pump: Yes – 12 Hours
Heater: 2.7kW


The J-345™ may be the considered the classic of the Jacuzzi® Spa line. Balanced in design and size, loaded with PowerPro jets, versatile in therapeutic seating options, this is a spa for relaxation, rehabilitation, and of course, partying. So you will want to enjoy the J-345™ often, and at a moment’s notice. The ProClear™ Water Management System works to ensure that you step into perfectly clear, clean water every time. You have additional options for maintaining the water’s purity, including the advanced ProClear Ozonator and the ProClear Natural Purifier.

Key Features

  • 213 X 213 X 91 cm
  • 4-5 People
  • 4-5 seats
  • 27 jets
  • LED prolites system
  • Waterfall
  • LED control panel
  • Remote Control (stereo version)
  • ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • 4 Illuminated Headrests
  • Smart Seal
  • 1 speed pump
  • 2 speed pump
  • Circulation pump
  • Oval grill
  • Premium Audio System