So……are there certain beneficial factors that surround our hot tubs? Well let’s go through them with you! (You’re going to love it!)

Many people believe hot tubs are just time killing items and see it as just a ‘luxury item’ (it is nice to look at though!) Anyway, hot tubs provide a lot of other benefits that just a relaxing feeling which is good on its own! Don’t you think?!

Hot tubs have a huge number of benefits in addition to providing a brilliant environment for relaxation; the soothing warm water of a hot tub can help to improve circulation, which gradually lowers blood pressure and can relieve stress, tension and anxiety (amazing right?). The rippling and bubbling of the water in a hot tub can stimulate the nervous system and helps to boost the immune system which works wonders because it can get rid of them nasty Winter cold’s! (We all know how much of a pain they are).

Hot Tubs

Many studies have shown that spending up to 15 minutes in a hot tub, about 90 minutes before you go to sleep, can lead to a good night’s rest; the buoyancy of the water supports relaxation, and what better place is there than a hot tub to sit back, relax and forget about the troubles and stresses of the day? In addition, hot tubs help to reduce fatigue, while still helping you get a refreshing night’s sleep when the time comes – great for all you fitness fanatics who need the sleep!

Further studies have shown that people, who suffer from any musculoskeletal difficulties such as arthritis or chronic fatigue, will find many benefits of the relaxation feeling of our hot tubs! (We could be doctors!)

The case is that the benefits far out way the luxury of our hot tubs but that’s the whole point of a hot tub! We want our customers to feel relaxed in their own home. For a look at our wide array of hot tubs please have a browse round our site and see what you like! Remember we’re here to help so if you have any problems, please give us a call on 01889 508787!