Hot Tubs can relieve your aches and pains


Get rid of irritating back or neck pain by just chilling out in your hot tub!

For anyone experiencing chronic back pain, a Jacuzzi Hot Tub is an essential investment that will enhance health and improve wellbeing.

Chronic back pain is debilitating and exhausting. Sitting, standing, lying down and walking can all cause unbearable discomfort. The hunt for effective, lasting relief from back pain can feel like an insurmountable challenge. While painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful for treating the symptoms of back pain, individuals are often wary about using medication over long periods due to the risks of dependency and addiction. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offer you the opportunity to reduce back pain and increase mobility of the back and spine without medication.

By immersing your body in the warm, soothing water of a Jacuzzi Hot Tub, you will relax the muscles in your back, releasing painful muscle spasms. As you relax in the hot (but not too hot guys!) water, the tension and tightness that is typical of lower back pain is alleviated. The unique delivery system built in to the patented jets ensures that your back receives a therapeutic, relaxing massage. The combination of hot water and powerful jets increases the circulation in the blood vessels of the back. The increased flow of oxygenated blood encourages healing and restores damaged muscle tissue.

Getting a perfect night’s sleep is near impossible when you are experiencing chronic back pain. In addition to the physical improvement in the muscle and soft tissue in the lower back, regular use of a Jacuzzi Hot Tub can improve your sleep pattern. The combination of relaxation and warmth produces a soporific effect. The restorative effects of sleep ensure that physical healing takes place during the night. Mental and emotional wellbeing are also improved when you are receiving sufficient, high-quality sleep.

It seems like the benefits of hot tubs are just increasing constantly! Some people believe that this is because; they are ‘so’ expensive when really that isn’t the case at all. At Malibu Hot Tubs, all of our available Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are a very reasonable price, the average homeowner could afford when because as a business we aren’t going to put them at sky high prices or they would never be bought! Logic guys!

For any further info you may need or if you anything else, make sure to give us a call on 01889 508787 and happy hot tub hunting!