This 5 seated beast of a hot tub comes at a reasonable price for relaxation and comfort. Why fly out to Spain or Australia when you can experience the warmth and comfort at home, and as far as I know you don’t have to take a plane to get home…right?

We 100% agree and understand the stress that is usually brought about at work, maybe you are about to finish for the day and your boss hands you a big pile of papers that need reading through? Or maybe you work ridiculous hours to pay those blasted bills? Say goodbye stress and say hello alleviation! The J-LXL is the latest from our majestic Jacuzzi hot tub range here at Malibu Hot Tubs. It’s jam-packed with all the latest goodies and gadgets we have to offer – so let’s go right ahead and run right through them!

This Jacuzzi hot tub is fitted with a total of 38 jets! And added to the LED lightning there will be no need for going out anymore. With these patented jets all around the hot tub, there is no limit in the enhancement of the hydrotherapeutic treatment you can potentially feel. This has got to be the most revolutionary piece of engineering out there! Think about when you go on holiday; you have the flight, then you have to check into a hotel in a completely alien place.

To top all these features (there’s even more!), the Sérénité (Serenity in the native tongue but It makes it sound a whole lot more exotic, don’t you think?) comes fit with 3 headrests, 1 slimline waterfall and one Aquasound stero system with auxiliary MP3 jack and JBL speakers. Wow, just wow! Just imagine being in this Jacuzzi hot tub with a tropical margherita and one of your favourite relaxation songs ever? One last thing…try not to fall asleep in this hot tub and that might just happen because of the chill out feeling this beast brings.

So for more information or enquiries about hot tubs, visit our the Malibu Hot Tub Company Website to purchase your very own Jacuzzi J-LXL Hot Tub! See you soon!