Malibu Hot Tubs have had two moves in three years, which may be a daunting prospect for some businesses, but not us! In fact, it’s made us even bigger and better than ever.
At Malibu Hot Tubs, established in 2007, we have built up an outstanding reputation which cannot be rivalled by our competitors. This may be due to our excellent level of customer service as we go the extra mile to ensure that all our valued clients are satisfied.
Why ‘Malibu’? Well, everyone loves a bit of the exotic, don’t they? The name conjures up images of Californian sunshine, cocktails and warm breezes-a far cry from the damp, windy climes of British soil. Franklin Hill, the man behind the hot tubs in Staffordshire, wanted to evoke a sense of relaxation and repose- a holiday atmosphere without having to venture abroad-and so Malibu Hot Tubs was born. In December 2009, we relocated from Trentham Gardens to the Whitebridge Industrial Estate in Stone. Almost three years later, there was an opening in Bulpitt’s Lighting Showroom right next door to the thriving Greyhound Pub on the Yarlet Bank, so another move was in the pipeline. Due to the convenient location, on the A34 Stone to Stafford Road, sales of hot tubs in Staffordshire soon skyrocketed and Malibu Hot Tubs soon became a household name.
It was estimated that 4.7 million assorted vehicles travel along the A34 every year, and that is not including the diverted traffic coming off the motorway, so there are hordes of potential customers to entice into the showroom. Malibu Hot Tubs is an official authorised Jacuzzi and Spa Crest dealership and all the enclosures and gazebos are made by Cedartree UK, an established brand who specialise in quality and excellence. The first supplier of hot tubs was Spa Crest Europe in 2009, until Jacuzzi UK offered Malibu Hot Tubs an offer that they could not refuse-to be their official authorised dealer.
There are a variety of visually stunning hot tub enclosures for you to peruse at your leisure, in cedarwood with cedar shingle or atrium roofs, glazed sides, solid sides and louvre sides as well as bi-fold doors. These are all available from 2.8m square, which can be installed in any type of abode. If you are on a tight budget then we have a fantastic assortment of second hand hot tubs, which are in perfect working order and pristine condition as well as more extravagant products.
Malibu does not only sell marvellous hot tubs and gazebos, but we also supply a widespread assortment of fabulous fireworks which add a ‘wow factor’ to any special occasion. These ‘Big Boys Toys’ are available all year round-so it does not matter if it is a New Year’s bash, landmark birthday or Yuletide gathering-your soiree will go with a bang come rain or shine.
The new showroom will be completed in early June, and expectations are sky high. Franklin also organises charity events for Help for Heroes, and feels that it is important to give back to the community, so why not enter into the spirit of things and drop into Malibu Hot Tubs for an impromptu visit? You will be in for a treat!
In addition, Franklin recently appointed the services of Improving Sales Ltd, an online marketing company based in Manchester. Improving Sales now look after the online marketing aspects, including search engine optimisation, social media and business growth strategies.
Make the Right Move and Secure a Fabulous Find, with the leading seller of hot tubs in Staffordshire.
Yarlet Bank (A34), Yarlet, Staffordshire.