We all know that there is nothing else like a nice, long soak in a hot tub to help you unwind after a busy day of work. Whether you choose to hut tub alone or with a few friends, the relaxing hot water and body soothing jets will have you in a state of bliss. If you’re a newcomer to the world of hot tubs, we’ve got some Do’s and some Don’ts for you to all have a good read through!

The Don’ts

  • Treat your hot tub as if it’s a pool. No diving, cannonballs, or any other silly business allowed!
  • Wear sufficient clothing when you’re in the hot tub. Shirts, shorts, and other clothing items can make a bubbly mess when the jets are turned on! Trunks or a swimsuit will be fine!
  • Eat snacks that will make a big mess, things like chips and dip. Fruit is the best option for food when you are in the hot tub plus it’s healthy!
  • Let your pets go in the hot tub. This is dangerous for your pet and can affect the quality of the water in your tub.
  • Drink alcohol while you’re in the hot tub. Hot water is a stimulant, while alcohol is a depressant. Combining the two is not a good idea! Drink water instead.
  • Go into a hot tub if you have any open sores or cuts.
  • Allow your children to go in the hot tub unsupervised.
  • Hog all the jets! Don’t be selfish and be considerate of the other people in the tub with you.

The Do’s

  • Bring your own towel. This will make life easier for your host!
  • Make sure that your bathing suit is rinsed thoroughly before getting in the tub. Residue from laundry detergent can create unwanted foaminess.
  • Rinse off any lotions or deodorant you may be wearing before entering the hot tub to help keep the water clean.
  • Wipe your feet before entering the hot tub.
  • Use the stair step entrance for your safety.
  • Thoroughly dry yourself when leaving the hot tub. Wet feet can cause slips and falls!
  • Cover your hot tub with your hot tub cover when it’s not in use. This will protect the inside of your hot tub from dirt, debris, or other damage.

If you stick by the Do’s and avoid the Don’ts then you should be fine! And your time in one of our hot tubs will be perfect. For any further queries about our hot tubs, or if you would like to have a chat about any of our products then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01889 508787 and we’ll be happy to help! Happy hot tub hunting!